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Crime Victims' Documents

These documents -  Court System & Process and the Guidebook for Crime Victims - are provided to help you understand the general process of the Criminal Justice System.  They will help answer many of the most frequently asked questions our office receives.

Want to know what your rights are as a crime victim in Kentucky? The Office of the Attorney General is providing this handbook to you so that you can be educated on the role and responsibility of the local law enforcement, prosecutor, victim advocate, defense attorney, and Attorney General's Office.

The Victim Impact Statement allows you to tell the court the effect this crime has had on you, your family and those close to you. If the defendant pleads or is found guilty, your statement will help the judge understand what the impact of this crime has been on you, your family and those close to you. While you have the right to fill out a statement, you do not  have to fill  out a statement if it will make you feel uncomfortable in any way. Filling out the victim impact statement is voluntary.  Remit to: Victim Advocate, Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, 1001 Center St., Ste. 205, Bowling Green, KY 42101

Kentucky's  Crime Victims Compensation Board assists well in excess of 1,000 victims per year.  This assistance is in the form of direct payments to medical providers, funeral homes, mental  health professionals,  or  reimbursements  for these types of expenses incurred by victims or those legally responsible for those expenses.

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